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Our aim is to work seamlessly with our customer’s in-house design teams and enhance their product whilst maintaining their brand DNA.

Tech Pack

A Tech Pack is essentially a blueprint of your garment. It is a full and accurate detail of how your product should be constructed. Also known as one of the most crucial tools to developing your product, a tech pack includes: points of measurements, material allocations, colourways, trim & hardware allocations, labels & tag placement, etc. The more detailed a tech pack, the less room for errors and better communication for the manufacturer.


Think of the pattern as the backbone to a well-constructed product. They have a lot of control over the quality of your design. Once a pattern maker drafts your patterns, the next step is cut and sew.


As a customer centric concern, we offer sampling facility that ensure that our customers get a first hand look of the samples of the products we supply. This facilitates them to have a look at the prototype so that it can be changed in case the client want any change. we define sampling as follows:

Size/Fit Sample – These samples are designed to check size, measurements and the overall constructions of the garment to avoid any mistake or defect in manufacturing process. fit samples are to ensure the adequate fit and fall of the garments and they are made in accordance with the sizing requested by the buyer.

Pre-Production Sample – This sampling stage is to prove the pattern and test cost-effectiveness and consistency in production, these samples are made in the production department once all the above sampling is approved by the buyer. They are made with the actual fabrics, trimmings, and accessories that will be used in the future placed order. After this is complete, mass production can start once the buyer gives their approval to the cotton wonders.

Top of Production Sample – A member of our quality control team visit the factory at any time and pick a garment from the production line and they are evaluated to ensure that the bulk production is of the same quality as the PP sample.

Production & Quality.

We deliver the quality customers deserve. Pre-production, in-line, final inspections is our everyday business. The goods undergo a series of quality checks under the supervision of our experienced quality personnel, thereby leaving no scope for any flaws. The products are tested on several key parameters including durability, strength, color fastness, shrinkage. Our teams are led by experienced technicians who will not only control the quality at the productions sites but also travel and visit our customers to discuss technical developments and possibilities to improve efficiencies. We ensure that all necessary tests of materials are done well in time and with reputable test institutes or with in-house laboratories.

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